New Snapchat Is Total Gash. Here's How To Get Rid Of It.

    Snapchat updated its app this week and everyone went out of their tree.
    Everyone is really bugged out at how Snapchat now combines stories and friends stuff into one page.
    I don't use Snapchat because I am old. But I feel the pain of our youth, and consider it my civic duty to safeguard them. This is the millennial equivalent of a Transformers toy suddenly going rogue and pooping on your school books in the playground.
    Look, this isn't a permanent fix but it will get you back to the good old days when you didn't want to throw your phone at a wall. Remember those wonderful days? Like, two days ago. Let's get you back on track!


    Delete the app.
    In your phone's settings, go to "iTunes & App Stores," and turn off the "automatic downloads" for Apps and Updates.

    Download Snapchat. Again. Sigh.

    Log in, and then click "Forgot password."

    Choose to reset your password via PHONE. 

    Choose the pictures of ghosts to prove you're a human being. This makes perfect sense. Well, they don't want your cat getting on your Snapchat and sending little cat willies to your friends, do they? 

    Snapchat will want your number, like a super slick playa. So type it in.

    When Snapchat texts you, enter the confirmation code in the app.

    Choose a new password.

    The Kardashians are well and truly back where they belong. Well, that is, they're sadly still on our TV, but at least they're not clogging up your stories.


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