Dirty Talk Turn Offs

    There's a fine line between DIRTY TALK and someone saying something so terrible that you run away naked in horror and never talk to them again.

    There was a survey done which asked people to share their experiences of bad sexy talk words that were said to them during sexy time. As in, things that were said while naughty things were actually happening, and stuff was moving around within things. Get me? Eww! Gross. Who even does that anymore? 


    1.  Saying the wrong name.

    2.  "I need to poop."

    3.  "I'm going soft."

    4.  "Did you do this with your ex?"

    5.  "I'm breaking up with you after this."

    6.  "What do you want for dinner tomorrow?"

    7.  "You remind me of my dad." (?!?!?!!)

    8.  "What's your sister like?"

    9.  "You're almost as good as my ex."

    10.  "Do you think your mum ever tried this position?" 


    None of these come even close to the one I once drunkenly used - after just a few weeks of dating....

    "I wanna do you while you're wearing your wedding dress. And it's white."

    True story, bruh. 


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